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Team Member Spotlight: Matthew Radune

Matthew Radune is a licensed Architect who is now in his third year at Henson Architecture. He is now an Associate at the firm. He has a background in Environmental Studies and his goal has always been to work on prototypical projects in sustainability, and his time at Henson Architecture has continued a fulfillment of that goal. He’s a Certified

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Register For The 3rd Annual “How Low Can We Go” – Historic Preservation and Carbon Reduction: Applied Trades Event

On Tuesday, September 21st, Henson Architecture will be hosting the third annual joint AIANY Committee on the Environment and Historic Building Committee “How Low Can We Go” event which will focus on applied trades in preservation work and Passive House construction. The event will feature a panel discussion with architects, uniquely positioned tradespeople, and educators. Retrofitting existing buildings to attain

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Got Water? Let’s Find Out the Source!

Leaks and water damage are a common headache for building occupants, building managers, and property owners and a frequent query for Architects and Engineers, who are often hired to locate where leaks are occurring. Each leak is different, with some being straightforward and others being more difficult to ascertain the location of the water infiltration. It can be much more

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Make an Impact with the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration (ZNCC)

The Zero Net Carbon Collaboration for Existing and Historic Buildings (ZNCC) is looking for new partners in the fight to reduce the carbon footprint of existing and historic buildings. The ZNCC currently includes organizational representatives and individual members who are working to develop strategies to reach the zero net carbon goals being established by government entities and to reduce the

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