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Technical Assessment

Technical Services

We provide exterior inspection and analysis services, including exterior façade survey/inspection, coordination of exploratory probe work, leak inspection and water testing, monitoring of existing buildings adjacent to new construction including TPPN 10/88, zoning analysis, creation of existing drawings, traditional construction practices, historic material and finish evaluation and the production of comprehensive recommendation reports. Our experience includes performing over 100 façade inspections in compliance with New York City FISP (Façade Inspection and Safety Program, formerly Local Law 11/98), which requires owners of buildings that are taller than six stories to file periodic conditions reports with the New York City Department of Buildings.

Additionally, we provide city and government agency filing services including new building applications, alteration applications, demolition applications, Department of Transportation sidewalk and street work applications, tree planting applications, curb cut applications and New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission applications for work on historic buildings.

Our extensive experience with these agencies as well as maintaining open and clear communication with our clients throughout expedites and simplifies what can otherwise be a prolonged and complicated process.

Included Services

  • NYC Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP formerly Local Law 11/98) Inspections, Technical Reports & Filing
  • NYC DOB, DOT, LPC Project Filing
  • NYC Technical Policy Procedural Notice 10/1988 (TPPN 10/88) Monitoring of Existing Buildings Adjacent to New Construction
  • Expediting Services
  • Violation Removal
  • Certificate of Occupancy Filing
  • Zoning Studies
  • Residential & Commercial Alteration Plan Reviews
  • Leak Inspection & Reporting
  • Creation of Existing Drawings

Construction Services

We have extensive experience working with general contractors, preservation specialists, craftspeople and artisans and will assist property owners through all phases of the construction process, from the selection of qualified contractors through construction management services.

We use our experience with projects at all scales and complexity and current market prices to provide accurate construction cost estimates, bid recommendations and contract negotiations and ensure that the projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

Included Services

  • Full & Phased Cost Estimates
  • Qualified Contractor Selection Assistance
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Construction Management
  • Owner Representation
  • Demolition Plan Preparation

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