Our Services


Our expertise is the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, approaching each building with a comprehensive understanding of traditional building materials and construction methods as well as new high-performance technologies. Our practice directs this proficiency toward preserving the original character and architectural significance of historic structures, while ensuring that they remain active contributors in our modern urban fabric. We work closely with skilled tradespeople and artisans to provide our clients with the highest quality restorative work.


Sustainable architectural design seeks to maximize a building’s functional performance while reducing the negative environmental effect of greenhouse gas emissions. As preservation architects, we believe that it is imperative to educate the public that the reuse of historic buildings is inherently sustainable and that they can perform as well or better than newly constructed buildings with innovative design solutions. Through the continued or adaptive reuse of existing building stock, preservation architecture can be a powerful tool for sustainable stewardship.


We provide exterior inspection and analysis services, including exterior façade survey/inspection through the Façade Inspection & Safety Program. We also provide coordination of exploratory probe work, leak inspection and water testing, monitoring of existing buildings adjacent to new construction including TPPN 10/88, zoning analysis, creation of existing drawings, traditional construction practices, historic material and finish evaluation and the production of comprehensive recommendation reports.