Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Our expertise is the preservation and restoration of historic buildings, approaching each building with a comprehensive understanding of traditional building materials and construction methods as well as new high-performance technologies.

New technologies allow historic buildings to be respectfully recycled with an eye toward economic impact and future comfort for its owners and inhabitants. It’s no secret that historic buildings remain attractive to tenants, tech companies and futurists who desire sustainable practices for aesthetic and financial reasons.

Our practice directs this proficiency toward preserving the original character and architectural significance of historic structures, while ensuring that they remain active contributors in our modern urban fabric. We work closely with skilled tradespeople and artisans to provide our clients with the highest quality restorative work.

Included Services

  • Adaptive Reuse of Existing Buildings
  • Building Envelope Restoration & Repair
  • Roof Repair & New Membrane Installation
  • Window & Door Replacement
  • Vault & Foundation Reconstruction & Waterproofing
  • Preservation Master Planning
  • Historic Research

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