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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Did you know that one of the most powerful ways to address climate change is to restore and retrofit our buildings? In March, 70 nations signed the UN-sponsored Declaration de Chaillot. This foundational document calls for global cooperation to address the 37% of the energy-related CO2 emissions that come from buildings and construction. This year, the first

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ZNCC at the Embodied Carbon Roundtable

What’s new in the world of Embodied Carbon in our built environment? Scott Henson will be representing the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration (ZNCC) at 11am ET on Thursday, 4/18 at the NGO/Government Roundtable on Embodied Carbon. Hosted by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF), the roundtable will include updates from key leaders in this topic, representing the US federal government and

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Henson is a Passive House Accelerator!

Happy Climate Week! Henson Architecture is proud to be Passive House Accelerator‘s Sponsor of the Week. Passive House Accelerator is an important global catalyst for Zero Carbon Building. We are excited to share our developing work with this inspiring organization sharing innovation in Passive House design and construction to the Passive House community as well as the broader public. Henson

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Traditional Sustainable Design at the Classic Planning Academy

Henson Architecture‘s Senior Associate, Cory Rouillard, will be giving a guest lecture on Thursday, July 27 at the Classic Planning Academy. At Henson, Cory promotes technical guidance for the appropriate care of existing buildings to both protect our cultural heritage and meet our carbon mitigation targets. Her lecture will introduce students to our firm, our core values, and will cover

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