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Henson is a Passive House Accelerator!

Happy Climate Week! Henson Architecture is proud to be Passive House Accelerator's Sponsor of the Week. Passive House Accelerator is an important global catalyst for Zero Carbon Building. We are excited to share our developing work with this inspiring organization sharing innovation in Passive House design and construction to the Passive House community as well as the broader public. Henson has completed...

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Climate-Based Design for Carbon Reduction at DDC

Henson Architecture's Principal, Scott Henson, and Senior Associate, Cory Rouillard, will be giving a presentation on Climate-Based Design for the NYC Department of Design and Construction on Wednesday, August 16. This lecture will introduce DDC staff to our firm, our core values, and will cover diverse strategies in traditional buildings for climate-based design. Scott has been recognized locally and nationally for...

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Traditional Sustainable Design in Bruges

Henson Architecture's Senior Associate, Cory Rouillard, will be giving a guest lecture on Monday, July 10 at the Bruges Summer School of Architecture & Crafts, hosted by La Table Ronde de l'Architecture. At Henson, Cory promotes technical guidance for the appropriate care of existing buildings to both protect our cultural heritage and meet our carbon mitigation targets. Her lecture in Bruges...

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Wildfires: Solving an Immediate Climate Change Challenge with Passive House Solutions

On Wednesday, June 7, 2023, New York City experienced the worst air quality in the world at that time due to the wildfires happening in Québec and northern Ontario, Canada. The air quality monitor station a block away from our office recorded an Air Quality Index (AQI) of 431 as a high that day, well above the threshold of 300...