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ZNCC at the Embodied Carbon Roundtable

What’s new in the world of Embodied Carbon in our built environment? Scott Henson will be representing the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration (ZNCC) at 11am ET on Thursday, 4/18 at the NGO/Government Roundtable on Embodied Carbon. Hosted by the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF), the roundtable will include updates from key leaders in this topic, representing the US federal government and

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Embodied Wisdom: Presentation at TAG-24

Looking for some inspiration this weekend? Join Henson Architecture’s Preservation Architect, Cory Rouillard at the Traditional Architectural Gathering, TAG-24, on Sunday, April 14 at 12:20 pm ET. She will share a global architectural tour of beautiful, traditional, climate-appropriate strategies designed to keep us comfortable without operational energy input. Join this free event at: www.tag-24.org

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Learn in an Authentic Way – Cathedral Stone Workshop Recap

During a recent site visit in New York City, I encountered a unique learning opportunity. The building, adorned with several brownstones in need of repair, immediately caught my attention. Some stones were partially patched, revealing an inconsistency in the repair process – the cracks hadn’t been squared off properly, resulting in patches too thin to maintain their integrity. It was

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Sustainable Features of Vernacular Design

How did we keep ourselves comfortable before the advent of modern, energy-intensive strategies like air-conditioning? Understanding and utilizing traditional design techniques can go a long way towards thermal comfort, durability, and resilience before being supplemented by modern building systems, materials and detailing. Henson Architecture’s Senior Associate, Cory Rouillard, will be giving a guest lecture on this topic on Tuesday, September

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