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AMERICA’S GREAT OUTDOORS: Secretary Salazar Announces $47 million in Historic Preservation Grants to States


Contact: Adam Fetcher, (DOI) 202-208-6416 David Barna, (NPS) 202-208-6843 Hampton Tucker, (NPS) 202- 354-2067
  WASHINGTON -- Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced $46.9 million in historic preservation grants to the 50 States, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Territories, and three affiliated Pacific island states. The grants will enable the states to preserve and protect our nation’s historic sites without expending tax dollars. “National Preservation Grants invest revenue from oil and gas development into telling the story of America by enabling the people of each state and territory the opportunity to preserve the places that are unique to their heritage,” Secretary Salazar said. “These grants leverage private investments in historic preservation activities and help spur tourism, create jobs, and build pride in communities across the nation.” The Historic Preservation Fund is supported by revenue from federal oil leases on the Outer Continental Shelf. The National Park Service administers the fund and uses the majority of appropriated funds to distribute matching grants to State and Tribal Historic Preservation Officers. “Throughout the country, historic preservation fund grants and other federal historic preservation programs help sustain and revitalize communities,” Director of the National Park Service Jonathan B. Jarvis said. “Historic preservation promotes heritage tourism and can transform under-utilized and often-vacant historic buildings into revenue-generators for local economies. The National Park Service is honored to be invited into so many communities and is proud to assist in saving and sharing history.” States officials use the grants to fund preservation projects, such as survey and inventory, National Register nominations, preservation education, architectural planning, historic structure reports, community preservation plans, and bricks-and-mortar repair to buildings. Grants and programs funded by the HPF encourage private and nonfederal investment in historic preservation efforts nationwide. Recent achievements of the HPF can be found in its annual report at For more information on the Historic Preservation Fund, please visit: Amounts made available to each jurisdiction are listed below.


ALABAMA $822,991   MONTANA $785,522
ALASKA $1,012,985   NEBRASKA $785,932
AMERICAN SAMOA $396,261   NEVADA $746,194
ARIZONA  $857,460   NEW HAMPSHIRE $620,598
ARKANSAS $753,650   NEW JERSEY $924,707
CALIFORNIA $1,494,229   NEW MEXICO $788,226
COLORADO $885,222   NEW YORK $1,361,060
DELAWARE $528,258   NORTH DAKOTA $681,157
DIST. OF COLUMBIA $525,361   CNMI $410,831
FLORIDA $1,031,826   OHIO $1,105,786
FSM $412,161   OKLAHOMA $830,447
GEORGIA $911,695   OREGON $865,309
GUAM $409,123   PALAU $238,866
HAWAII $574,945   PENNSYLVANIA $1,180,736
IDAHO $732,243   PUERTO RICO $645,071
ILLINOIS $1,143,960   RHODE ISLAND $578,929
INDIANA $916,252   SOUTH CAROLINA $760,507
IOWA $847,320   SOUTH DAKOTA $704,651
KANSAS $840,849   TENNESSEE $850,118
KENTUCKY $814,083   TEXAS $1,334,882
LOUISIANA $828,743   UTAH $772,697
MAINE $709,070   VERMONT $574,034
MARSHALLS $238,866   VIRGINIA $895,405
MARYLAND $797,793   VIRGIN ISLANDS $415,115
MICHIGAN $1,113,476   WEST VIRGINIA $706,619
MINNESOTA $942,010   WISCONSIN $950,369
MISSISSIPPI $744,073   WYOMING $688,885
MISSOURI $935,314       
      TOTAL $46,924,800

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