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Condo Makeover Approved For Dumbo Watchtower Building

Jessica Dailey reports for Curbed.

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A 1950’s factory building formerly owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses has been approved for a condo conversion. The Brooklyn Eagle reports that the Landmarks Preservation Commission signed off on a design by Aufgang Architects and developer Shelly Listokin, who purchased the building at 200 Water Street, along with 173 and 177 Front Street, last year. The project will add two new floors to the building, originally a Brillo pad factory, and it will create 15 new condos. Aufgang’s original plans called for reconstructing the façade with mew bricks, but the commission vetoed that idea, so the existing façade will remain largely intact. The addition will be set back to create a terrace and reduce visibility from the street. At 177 Front Street, which sits outside of the historic district, Listokin filed plans for a 12-story, 105 unit building.

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