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Window repair: Enhancing Your View and Efficiency

Many building owners are not aware of the changes in laws and codes surrounding energy efficiency. In May, the New York City 2020 Energy Conservation Code went into effect and many typical replacement windows no longer meet the current code requirements. Before you take the time to install new windows, it is a good idea to consult with experts that are familiar with the energy code, and various types of window repair and installation methods.

Simulated double hung windows.

Simulated double hung windows.

Not only can you consult with us to ensure your windows are up to code, but we can also work on providing you with a cohesive look for your building or business and prepare a comprehensive program to get your building on track to meet new rigorous energy standards that will be required over the next few decades.

Double hung windows are commonly installed in American buildings, but there are much better alternatives such as tilt and turn windows. The unique benefits provided by tilt and turn windows include energy efficiency, improved sightlines, soundproofing, and others.

Our brief overview of the topic will show you why you should consider your window choices and consult the experts to help get the right windows for your building.

Benefits of Tilt and Turn Windows over Double Hung

Tilt and turn windows at one of our Passive House projects in Brooklyn.

Tilt and turn windows at one of our Passive House projects in Brooklyn.

Tilt and turn windows come with several benefits over double hung windows. The first thing that you’ll notice is a major positive impact to your energy bill as these windows score high on energy efficiency. They are also easier to open, clean, and maintain. They can open completely or tilt open to let in some fresh air.

Although tilt and turn windows support great ventilation, they also have air seals and gaskets which allow your building to maintain the right temperatures, negate drafts, and minimize the cold that comes from being close to a window in the winter months. You will save money on energy and experience superior soundproofing that will give your building a special sense of peace.

Interior view of a tilt and turn window.

Interior view of a tilt and turn window.

Tilt and turn windows can fill the entire opening with no dividers blocking your view.  For buildings in Landmark districts or where an historic appearance is desired, there are now tilt and turn windows available that look like double hung windows but operate differently.

Replacing a Window May Not Be the Solution for You

While we are on the topic of replacing windows, it’s important to realize that not all older windows must be replaced. It is a common trend to knock out the old windows in a newly acquired building and insert new ones. However, it is sometimes better to salvage these old windows, restore them, and reinstall them. While many people are convinced that newer is better, several elements of older windows make them superior to new ones.

Original windows can have superior longevity, contribute to the character of the building, and tend to be made from materials that are beneficial for painting, staining, and milling. While they might not be as energy-efficient, sometimes there is a net loss to the environment for replacing them.

Steel windows being removed in preparation for their restoration.

Steel windows being removed in preparation for their restoration.

There are options available for window restoration such as vacuum insulated glass, special coatings and gasketing that can drastically improve the performance of historic windows.

The best window option for your building can be determined through a window study which takes all the factors of an individual building into account and will help you take the proper course of action to meet your needs. We can provide proper details for a watertight and airtight installation which is critical for window performance.

Our experts are ready to field any questions you have about the type of windows you have in your building. Get a higher degree of energy efficiency, a new look, and beautiful sightlines that will transform your space.

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