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There are many buildings that could benefit from adaptive reuse

Amy Schellenbaum reports for Curbed: Explore the ‘Wilds’ of Lost Structures in America’s Northeast.

In 2012, photographers Daniel Barter and Dan Marbaix, practiced urban explorers and creators of spine-tingling images like elaborate horror film sets,traipsed through 5,000 miles of the American northeast, stepping inside forgotten asylums, old bowling allies, and abandoned churches (like the one above).

Using Google maps and the suggestions of locals, the pair tiptoed across unstable structures, avoiding hazardous materials, unauthorized homemakers (“You never know who you might bump into,” Barter tells BuzzFeed), and other surprise inhabitants. “It got pretty wild at times,” Barter says, “so much so that in the more destitute areas, our guide carried a Glock.”

More photos, over at BuzzFeed.

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