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Staff Spotlight: Madeline Marbury

By: Scott Henson

Madeline Graduated from the College of Charleston in Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Historic Preservation and Community Planning. During school, she worked for a contractor specializing in historic preservation and redevelopment of existing buildings.

Some of her favorite projects during her time in Charleston include the renovation and redevelopment of the F.W. Wagener Building, a large warehouse space in downtown Charleston, and the Jackson Street Cottages, a complex of four historic Freedman’s Cottages.

In November 2019, Madeline joined Henson Architecture as a Technical Draftsperson and was recently promoted to Assistant Project Manager. In addition to her role as an assistant project manager, Madeline oversees our office’s Façade Inspection and Safety Program work­ing closely with Henson project managers, Landmarks Preservationists (LPC) and the Department of Buildings to ensure the successful submission of technical reports.

She works in the field to observe and document building conditions including visual and close-up inspections and coordinates with building owners and property man­agement to compile comprehensive technical reports with thorough written and photographic analysis of exterior conditions. At the moment, Madeline is also leading the firm’s marketing efforts, managing social media accounts and generating blog content and marketing materials.

Madeline has assisted our Project Managers on many projects since joining Henson Architecture but two of her favorites so far have been the façade restoration of the Permanent Mission to the Czech Republic and a new passive house project in Park Slope. The Permanent Mission to the Czech Republic is a beautiful example of a finely detailed façade restoration including a full cornice restoration, carefully color matched brick replacement and injection grout stone crack repair. This was such an enjoyable job because there was so much to learn. The Park Slope passive house project, which began this past fall with a comprehensive survey, is fascinating because the building is a circa 1900 historic row house which will be renovated to achieve Passive House EnerPhit certification. The house will be retrofitted to Passive House standards while preserving as many historic details as possible.

In her free time, Madeline enjoys running, cycling and sewing projects.

She is looking forward to the challenges, learning and growth opportunities provided by Henson Architecture’s diverse project portfolio!

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