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Landmarks Commission Not Crazy About 372 Broadway Rebirth

Jeremiah Budin reports for Curbed.

6 Cortlandt Alley, the condo development previously known as 372 Broadway, finally had its date with the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday, and the meeting went about as well as these things usually go with they focus on multi-story glass additions on top of old buildings: not all that well.

“It’s too busy up there and draws your attention to it,” commented commissioner Joan Gerner, while commissioner Fred Bland advised that the addition “has to be more recessive.” The overall consensus was that while a two-story addition could actually be approvable in this case, this one would need to blend in to the existing building more. The redesigned storefront was also not a big hit with the commissioners. Architects TRA Studio will have to rework the already long-delayed project a bit, and present again at some point in the future.

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