the inside of a large cathedral with stained glass windows

Historic Building Preservation Today

By: Scott Henson

Humanity is immortalized through art, language, knowledge and architecture. Through the built environment, we are able to contextualize certain elements of culture, identify different civilizations, and understand how the world has changed over time. Whether it’s the Taj Mahal or the Guggenheim, buildings are a way for the past to both communicate with and project to the future.

Early builders used archaic techniques; architecture was a form of defense, and provided protection against the elements. Fast forward to the renaissance and we see how architecture begins to follow certain rules and proportions. Building typologies begin to emerge and reflect ideologies. Thanks to architects, we are able to associate the church’s elaborate use of light and buttressing as a way of communicating the importance of religion at the time.

Today, architects are fully credentialed and licensed by the state, with all necessary technical and theoretical experience. However, all formalities aside, architects are craftsmen and artists at heart. Oftentimes, historic structures must be brought into the modern era. The average architect can make a building safe and functional, but what makes an architect great is a deep awareness of why cultural preservation is so important, especially in the age of globalization.

Scott Henson Architect, recipient of the prestigious Palladio Award, respects and honors the past. We have an extensive portfolio of projects which show our work in historic building preservation and renovation, as well as all other types of architectural design. For information on the preservation and renovation of historic buildings, please contact us.

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