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Historic Building Preservation Is Technically Feasible

By: Henson Architecture

Many people are concerned about historic building preservation because they’re under the impression that all historic buildings can’t truly be restored. People are often used to the notion that buildings need to be constantly replaced rather than updated. This is a mindset that is very common in many cultures, and it is very much a cultural construction. There are buildings that have lasted for centuries, and the right firms can make sure that more recent historic buildings will last for a similarly long period of time. 

It’s certainly true that firms that are equipped to perform historic building preservation work will need to have many resources available. Each project is unique; therefore, an architect’s work will need to involve many different teams of talented individuals, including tradespeople and artisans. Many teams involved will need to have knowledge about the challenges that individual project can present.

Those who believe that historic building preservation is impractical will often be surprised by what experts can accomplish with roof repair, vault and foundation reconstruction, and the replacement of windows and doors. People who worry that the process of preservation will change the appearance of an older building might not have seen successful results performed by a good preservation architect.

In fact, many cases have proven that renewed historic buildings will have a more genuine appearance than before. After all, the buildings certainly looked new at one point, and this updated look will reflect the way they would have appeared to people before our time.

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