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Author: Scott Henson

a tall building with many windows and clouds in the sky

Compliance With Local Law 11 Cycle 8

Henson Architecture can help you come into compliance with Local Law 11, Cycle 8, as well as complete any Cycle 7 repairs. New laws are often enacted after there has been some tragedy. Local Law 10, later 11, is no exception. In 1980, a piece of masonry fell from a building, and a pedestrian was killed. To help prevent this from happening again,...

a brick building with flowers and plants on the steps

Things to Consider When Replacing Windows in New York City

When replacing windows on construction projects in New York City, it is essential to choose the right type of window and a qualified installer to do the work. Several vital things must be considered when selecting the proper window replacement, including whether your building is within a historic district, whether you’re concerned with acoustic or thermal performance, or whether the...

the top of a tall building under a cloudy sky

Avoid NYC Building Violations: An Overview of Local Law 11

In May 1979, a piece of lintel detached from the eighth floor of a Columbia University-owned apartment constructed in 1912 and fell, fatally striking a passing college student. New York City passed Local Law 10 the following year to ensure that history would not repeat itself. The law stated that the street-facing facades and side walls of every building with...