Stewart Building

Address: New York, New York
Role: Preservation Architect
Architect: Unknown
Year Built: 1844
Completed: 2021
Project Status: Completed

The Irish immigrant Alexander T. Stewart built a dry goods empire in the United States by the mid nineteenth century becoming one of the most successful retailing businessmen in the country nicknamed “The Merchant Prince of America.” He was later nominated as US Secretary of the Treasury by President Grant and died as the seventh wealthiest American in history. Part of Stewart’s wealth came from not just his retail empire but also real estate investments mostly in the Greenwich Village and Tribeca districts. In 1844, on land leased from Trinity Church, Stewart commissioned the construction of two brick Greek Revival homes, three stories tall, set at ninety degrees to one another within the elbow of Commerce Street’s sharp turn. 46 Commerce Street would later have a fourth story artist’s studio added in an 1876 renovation.

Henson Architecture worked on a full restoration of this upper floor studio apartment including the kitchen and bathroom. In addition, Henson completed building upgrades including a new roof deck, bulkhead and façade repairs. Repairs focused on the restoration of the original wood cornice and deteriorated portions of masonry.


November 4, 2019


Historic Preservation