We provide our clients with a clear diagnosis and work closely with them to develop strategic, economically responsible recommendations for the immediate and long-term repair of their buildings.


We provide exterior inspection and analysis services, including scaffold inspections, exploratory probe work, material testing and analysis and the production of comprehensive recommendation reports. Our experience includes performing over 100 façade inspections  in compliance with New York City Local Law 11/98, which requires owners of buildings that are six stories or taller to file periodic conditions reports with the New York City Department of Buildings.

Additionally, we provide city and government agency filing services including new building applications, alteration applications, demolition applications, Department of Transportation sidewalk and street work applications, tree planting applications, curb cut applications, New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission applications for work on historic buildings,  BEST Squad site safety plans, as well as professional certification and expedited filing services.

Our extensive experience with these agencies as well as maintaining open and clear communication with our clients throughout expedites and simplifies what can otherwise be a prolonged and complicated process.

Our Technical services include:

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