Berkeley Towers

Address: Queens, New York
Role: Preservation Architect
Architect: Unknown
Year Built: 1963
Completed: 2011
Project Status: Completed

Henson was retained to perform the exterior repairs of this 1963 masonry condominium building, and was responsible for the design of a complete restoration and waterproofing program for 220 concrete balconies that met the board’s maintenance and budgetary goals. Restoration of the 220 concrete balconies were completed to high standard.

Failed patching from the previous repairs was removed and replaced with a new concrete restoration mortar. The new mortar was custom mixed to match the precise content and strength of the original concrete providing maximum compatibility and adhesion. The existing sleeve-post railings were replaced with new aluminum railings anchored to the slabs using sleek stainless steel pins embedded in the concrete, eliminating their vulnerability to water intrusion and corrosion.

Finally, the newly repaired concrete slabs were fully enveloped for protection against future cracking. A fleece-reinforced membrane was installed on the balcony decks and a breathable water-repellent mineral coating was applied to the underside of the balconies.


November 4, 2019


Historic Preservation