We are creative problem solvers dedicated to a hands-on approach that brings a passion for craftsmanship into all phases of our projects.

What We Do

Scott Henson Architect is an award winning Architecture firm specializing in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings with a diverse portfolio of work in and around New York City. We have extensive experience in the assessment, design and detailing of building exteriors including the preparation of comprehensive conditions reports, construction documents and specifications, full and phased construction cost estimates, city agency filing, and contract procurement and administration.

We work closely with our clients to investigate and assess building conditions, develop strategic and economically responsible recommendations for their repair, and implement the design through construction. We believe that architecture is a collaborative effort and are committed to working with our clients to develop a well-tailored solution based on their unique project conditions and far-reaching objectives. To achieve this, we seek to always maintain an open and transparent line of communication to ensure that projects are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Principal Scott Henson has inspected, repaired, restored and preserved numerous buildings in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and Kentucky. Scott Henson Architect, LLC was established in 2003.

Our Approach

We are creative problem solvers dedicated to a hands-on approach that brings a passion for craftsmanship into all phases of our projects. Our team assists our clients in diagnosing and remedying the myriad of issues that can plague new and historic buildings alike. Through traditional construction methods and new construction technologies, we find solutions to immediate and long term concerns of building maintenance and preservation.

We view the preservation and re-use of new and historic buildings as a critical practice in the sustainable stewardship of our environmental resources. Buildings represent an incredibly high embodied energy, that is the energy and resources expended to build them, as well as what would be required to replace them. As experts in the preservation of historic structures and the adaptive re-use of existing buildings, we are strong advocates for preservation as one of the most beneficial sustainable practices that can be offered in building construction.

As certified Passive House designers, our approach to architecture is sensitive to the history of existing structures while pragmatic about their present needs, to ensure that these buildings remain active contributors to our urban fabric. We approach each project, large or small, with the same level of care. Beginning with a detailed investigation of each project’s unique conditions, we integrate our client’s budgetary, programmatic and aesthetic goals to devise and implement a solution that is both attractive and pragmatic.

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