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For the historic building enthusiast, New York City offers timeless architecture and a sense of nostalgia. The preservation of these historical buildings provides a small glimpse of what New York City looked like in the early 20th century.

Starting in 1939, a group of photographers spread themselves throughout all five boroughs to undertake a project organized by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the New York City Department of Taxation. The original goal was to utilize these photos to appraise property value. These organizations had no idea just how valuable these photos would become in development today.

Until recently, the ability to view these 1940s tax photos was an expensive and lengthy process.  In order to remedy this issue, the New York City Department of Records & Information Services has released a compilation of historic photos of the city to the public, available for online use. There are now 720,000 digitized images of every existing building in New York City between 1939 and 1941 for any user to view online. To peruse the photo gallery, click hereclick here.

While these photos give us a snapshot of what city life looked like back in the day, they prove most useful in preserving historic architectural details. Even in the subsequent tax photos taken in the 1980s, we start to see alterations in the building fabric as many historic details are removed and replaced with cheaper interventions. Before completing any renovation, we must consider the historic details that make a building special.

Scott Henson Architect prides itself in the preservation of historic New York City buildings. Our design aesthetic focuses on innovation combined with the preservation of historic detail and the SHA team values our clients’ goals and visions. Please set up a consultation and contact uscontact us today.

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When you hear the term interior design, what comes to mind? If you think that interior design is all about decor, you're only half right. Here are a few things you need to know about the art of NYC building interior design:NYC building interior design:

Some architects are interior designers, but not all interior designers are architects

Architects and interior designers are well-trained professionals, and both must be licensed to work in the state of New York. Each is an integral part of any new home project. Their jobs coordinate, but do not entirely overlap.

Architects are responsible for program planning. Architects put together floor plans and room adjacencies. It is the architect who facilitates the 'flow' between rooms. It is also the architect who analyzes the environment of the site. An architect ensures code compliance and coordinates team members to manage the integration of technical structural systems such as electricity and plumbing.

Interior designers coordinate with architects to plan indoor spaces. An interior designer may help to select building materials and colors to be incorporated in the architect's elevations. Flooring finishes, cabinetry, door styles, task lighting and fireplaces may be selected by the interior designer.

If the person for whom a structure is being designed has specific furniture in mind, the interior designer will collaborate with the architect to design room layout and facilitate traffic patterns.

When you choose Scott Henson Architect to be your design firm, you enjoy the ease of working with one company that manages every aspect of architecture and interior design. We specialize in creating structures that are beautiful, sound and highly functional.

If you'd like to know more about building interior design in New York City, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

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