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an old brick building with a window on the side

Henson Intern Dispatch #4

Intern Dispatch August 12, 2021 Learning is a non-stop activity at Henson. Whether it be historic preservation or passive house retrofits, the Henson team is always puzzle-solving and piecing together every piece of information they can find to come up with the most appropriate recommendation. Historic buildings require architects to be creative when handling deteriorated materials, and each project offers...

a brick building with many windows and stairs

Henson Intern Dispatch #3

The climate crisis is more tangible than ever. Recent floods in Europe destroyed homes, and the heatwave in New York broke a 50-year record. The only way to reverse climate change is to stop emitting greenhouse gas. Given that over 70 percent of New York's greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, architects bear a heavy responsibility. Retrofitting is one method...

a tall brick building with windows and a sign on it

Henson Intern Dispatch #2

Detailing is an art. How windows are sealed, connectors fastened, railings bent, or corners shaved are elements that make a good building not only stand out but last. The first step in understanding details is to draw them. Through the process of drawing, one starts to understand the relationships between different materials, in what order construction occurs, how buildings get built,...