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Foundation Reconstruction and Repairs

Time and construction often take their toll on buildings. Older buildings often cannot handle modern construction or elements and need to be repaired or reinforced. Vault and foundation reconstruction is a procedure that has the potential to be very costly. Some buildings require to be reinforced rather than be totally reconstructed, but this is not always the case. Many reasons surround the...

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NYC Building Interior Design: A Few Things You Need to Know

When you hear the term interior design, what comes to mind? If you think that interior design is all about decor, you're only half right. Here are a few things you need to know about the art of NYC building interior design: Some architects are interior designers, but not all interior designers are architects Architects and interior designers are well-trained professionals, and both must...

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The preservation of historic structures – Saving our connections to our past

Throughout the centuries, man's story has been represented in many aspects. Whether it is through his ancient writings, artifacts or in archaeological sites, man's imprint is undeniable.  With each new discovery, another chapter unfolds shedding more light on the everyday lives of our ancestors.  History has, for the most part, dictated the styles, construction modes and uses of homes throughout the world. Each building, from...

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The true cost efficiency of LEED certification

As you consider the implications of new construction, you may be wondering if LEED certification is a financially viable choice for your project. LEED certification allows you to qualify for credits in multiple categories (Sustainable Sites (SS), Water Efficiency (WE), and Energy and Atmosphere).  LEED certified buildings also benefit from increased property values and lower energy consumption. What is LEED certification?...