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an old brick building with a window on the side

Henson Intern Dispatch #4

Intern Dispatch August 12, 2021 Learning is a non-stop activity at Henson. Whether it be historic preservation or passive house retrofits, the Henson team is always puzzle-solving and piecing together every piece of information they can find to come up with the most appropriate recommendation. Historic buildings require architects to be creative when handling deteriorated materials, and each project offers...

a tall brick building with windows and a sign on it

Henson Intern Dispatch #2

Detailing is an art. How windows are sealed, connectors fastened, railings bent, or corners shaved are elements that make a good building not only stand out but last. The first step in understanding details is to draw them. Through the process of drawing, one starts to understand the relationships between different materials, in what order construction occurs, how buildings get built,...

an image of some buildings and cars in the street

Make an Impact with the Zero Net Carbon Collaboration (ZNCC)

The Zero Net Carbon Collaboration for Existing and Historic Buildings (ZNCC) is looking for new partners in the fight to reduce the carbon footprint of existing and historic buildings. The ZNCC currently includes organizational representatives and individual members who are working to develop strategies to reach the zero net carbon goals being established by government entities and to reduce the...

a woman standing in front of a wooden structure

Henson Intern Dispatch

Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, I have not had the chance to work with people in person. I finished my last year of undergraduate studies mostly in isolation, accompanied by Zoom and my family in Taipei. When Scott told me that the internship would be in person during our call in March, I was extremely grateful...