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  • What You Should Know About Vegetated Roof Systems

    What You Should Know About Vegetated Roof Systems

    Today's vegetated roof systems are not the old log cabin with a sod roof. They include a waterproofing layer, drainage, growing media, and plants.

    Today's vegetated roof system, or green roof, offers many benefits. A concentration of vegetated roof systems in an urban area can reduce a city's average temperature during the summer. A vegetated roof system can lower heating and cooling costs, help to insulate a building for sound, filter and reduce rain runoff, increase real estate value, and increase the life of a roof. It can even attract beneficial insects, birds, bees, and butterflies.

    There are three types of these systems: extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive.

    Extensive is the least expensive and the lightest weight. Generally 2" to 5" deep and planted with sedum, moss, or grass, they require the least maintenance at once or twice a year.

    Semi-intensive vegetated roof systems require a deeper soil layer, but more types of plantings are used. In addition to the mosses, grasses, and Sedum of extensive roofs, semi-intensive plantings include herbs, flowering plants, taller grasses, and small shrubs. These plants require maintenance at least every month.

    Intensive gardens require the deepest soil, but they also accommodate all types of plantings, including large shrubs and trees. Maintenance of a vegetated roof system of this type is ongoing.

    One thing you must consider is the structural load, which is the saturated weight of the plants at maturity, and the weight of the people who will be on the roof.

    The Environmental Protection Agency estimates the cost of a green roof to start at $10 to $25 per square foot.

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  • Roof Repairs in New York City: What You Should Know

    Roof Repairs in New York City: What You Should Know

    When you live in New York City, every little bit of space you can use is important. This includes rooftop spaces, and when you entertain frequently on your roof you need to be mindful of what could go wrong. So if you are in need of roof repairs in New York City, you should contact the professionals.

    Understand Your Roof's History

    It's important to know whether or not the roof of your building was ever designed for people. For example, when the building was originally designed, it may not have accounted for 20 or more people standing on it at the same time. This means that over time, the roof may be compromised by the excessive wear and tear from people.

    Protect Your Roof

    If the roof is used as a social space, be sure to implement a plan in order to keep it clean and protected. This means that you shouldn't leave bottles, cans, or other kinds of trash on the roof. By removing any trash or even furniture that sits on the roof, you can help to prevent it from clogging any drains, getting stuck in any vents, and from simply damaging the roof itself.

    Finding Damage

    When on the roof, it's also important to look around. If you notice any damage, such as separation of materials, trash stuck in places where it should not be, you need to get it fixed. By finding problems when they are small or just starting, you can save your money in the end, because you keep the problem from becoming too big and expensive.

    Roofs are not only functional as part of your building, but can add additional entertaining space. In order to fully enjoy the space, you must be responsible and take care of it. To learn more about how we can help you if your roof is in need, please contact us.