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  • The Iconic Chrysler Building is Up for Sale

    The Iconic Chrysler Building is Up for Sale

    An Art Deco masterpiece that has defined the Manhattan skyline for nearly 90 years is going up for sale in 2019. Currently co-owned by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council and New York property developer, Tishman Speyer, the Chrysler Building is expected to sell for as much as one billion dollars.

    The Chrysler Building is the eighth tallest building in New York City standing at 77 floors. At the date of its completion in 1930, this structure was the tallest building in the world with a height of 1,046- feet, including the 197-foot spire. This claim to fame was short lived, however, when the Empire State Building topped out at 1,250-feet 11 months later.

    Here are a few facts you might not know about the Chrysler Building:

    • The iconic Chrysler Building is constructed of nearly four million hand-laid bricks
    • 3,862 windows offer city views from the historic structure
    • Nearly 30 tons of steel were used to erect the famous skyscraper
    • The lobby of the Chrysler Building features Moroccan marble walls and floors
    • The eagle gargoyles on the building are replicas of a real Chrysler hood ornament
    • An observation deck on the 71st floor was closed to the public in 1945
    • Renowned LIFE magazine photographer Margaret Bourke-White once lived on the 61st floor
    • The spire was installed one day before the infamous 1929 stock market crash
    • The ceiling mural in the lobby is called "Transport and Human Endeavor"
    • The mural was painted by notable New York artist, Edward Trumbull

    The last time the Chrysler Building sold it was for more than 800 million dollars. This time around, the Art Deco icon may sell for much more if the right investor can be found. NYC Realty Advisors president, Thomas Birnbaum, calls the building "an absolute trophy" even though it can't compete with amenities offered by more modern buildings in New York.

    At Scott Henson Architect we’re delighted to discuss the preservation and restoration of famous landmarks such as this and other amazing Manhattan properties. To know more, contact us.

  • Choose a Full-Service Architectural Firm with Innovative Solutions

    Choose a Full-Service Architectural Firm with Innovative Solutions

    The problems facing the architecture of a vibrant and ever-changing city like New York require inventive and reliable solutions. Scott Henson Architect is a full service architectural firm that understands each project requires its own unique approach. Their team is dedicated to addressing the issues their clients face while preserving the character of a building. Utilizing a wide knowledge base, established building methods, and advanced technology, Scott Henson Architect is an architectural firm suited to address the unique needs of both new and historic architecture.

    Buildings in high-density, urban landscapes are both aesthetic and functional fixtures of their environment. Preservation and adaptive re-use, both of which Scott Henson Architect specializes in, are key strategies for creating sound solutions for problems facing the built environment. The firm is a strong proponent of renewable and sustainable building practices in their approach to meeting their client's needs and understands that each project is a substantial investment that requires great care and creativity to achieve its desired outcome. Every building has its own unique character deserving of a personalized and skilled approach.

    Urban environments offer many opportunities to recognize innovative architecture, while adopting new and practical uses for existing structures. This dynamic is a rare charm that makes New York City so special. Bringing architecture to its full potential in a large metropolis demands an understanding of the full spectrum of possible problems, as well as the best solutions. To learn more contact us.

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