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  • New York's Architectural Gems Benefit From Quality Elevator Design & Installation

    New York's Architectural Gems Benefit From Quality Elevator Design & Installation

    Without a doubt, New York City is the greatest metropolis in the world.  Repeatedly the beauty of the city is affirmed by all who come and experience its magnificence. An architectural marvel, New York City, continues to shape the lives, hopes, and dreams for millions of people. Those who are lucky enough to call this city home, are continuously surrounded by the light, and the movement, and the design that are legends of poetry.

    Lucky as they are, the residents of New York City must deal with some harsh realities. Many who live in historic buildings find that elevator problems are common. The elevator stops abruptly, moves haltingly, and then stops short of the hallway floor. The door sticks, and it is evident it is time for an elevator upgrade. While it is desirable to live in a historical marvel, modern life begs for convenience.  Elevator upgrades ensure proper mechanical operation that is essential for safety.

    Solutions for Common Problems

    The brains of an elevator system are the controller.  Controllers usually last about 25 years and generally are the major component replaced during an elevator upgrade. The newest controllers are microprocessor-based with variable frequency. A Variable Frequency Drive provides for smooth cab movements because the ride begins slowly and then gradually increases and then reduces speed for a gradual stop. There is no reason to put up with an erratic elevator trip when easy solutions are available.

    Scott Henson Architect has all it takes to create an elevator design and installation blueprint. Scott knows that every customer, every building, every elevator installation is unique. We get to know our clients and examine the unique specifications of the project. Our goal is to design and plan to deliver the best possible results.

    Contact Scott Henson Architect to see how easy it is to upgrade the elevator in your New York City building.

  • A Reminder of the Importance of Balcony Maintenance and Repair

    A Reminder of the Importance of Balcony Maintenance and Repair

    It didn't take long for experts to start speculating about the cause of a devastating balcony collapse in Berkeley CA last summer. Six young people lost their lives in the horrific accident, and many others were seriously injured, when the balcony sheared away from the structure and flipped the occupants to the ground five stories below. The fact that the accident may have been averted with proper balcony maintenance and repair is more than chilling.

    In Los Angeles Times article dated June 16, 2016, Oakland structural and civil engineer Gene St. Onge was quoted as saying “It appears to be a classic case of dry rot, meaning water intruded into the building and rotted the wood. It gave way. It didn’t have enough residual strength, and it failed.”

    Evidence shows that not all requisite flashing was installed when the Library Gardens apartment complex was erected in 2007. There may have been other structural defects, as well. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office is currently leading a criminal investigation into the June 2016 accident, says the San Jose Mercury News.

    No matter who is ultimately found to be culpable, the facts indicate that this horrible occurrence could have -and should have- been prevented. Could the same sort of thing happen in New York City? You bet it could. There are thousands upon thousands of balconies in the city, and each of them ought to regularly inspected and maintained.

    If you are planning to build in NYC, or if you would like to schedule a thorough examination of your balconies, please contact us without delay. We are Scott Henson Architecture, and we can coordinate your inspection and perform every sort of requisite maintenance and repair.