Miho Hayashi



Education & Experience

Miho Hayashi is a registered architect in Japan and an original founder of Scott Henson Architect. With over 11 years of experience in architectural design and office administration, Miho is responsible for coordinating the daily operations of the firm and leads the office's administrative and clerical divisions. In addition to office management, Miho is experienced in interior design and brings her keen insight about materials and finishes into the design process. With both an appreciation of design and a deep understanding of the business of architecture, Miho is an expert at balancing the challenges of project delivery with quality assurance.

Education: Kyoto Architectural College
Kyoto, Japan
Professional Experience: Scott Henson Architect LLC, New York, NY
Founded 2003
CSA Architect LLC, Osaka, Japan
Professional Affiliations: Registered Architect in Japan
Foreign Languages: Japanese Fluency

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